Neutron detectors

Position sensitive neutron detectors for neutron sources: Scientifica’s own proprietary neutron detection technology. Based in ZnS scintillator, with high resolution, down to 5mm x 5mm pixel elements, and customizable active area sizes and surfaces. Also modular technology can be applied, which enables scalable and easier to maintain detectors. The maximum efficiency of this detector is in the range of energies of thermal neutrons, mostly used in neutron sources. Some of the manufactured models can be seen in the figures.

Custom detector manufacturing: As part of the manufacturing outsourcing services that Scientifica offers, other type of detectors have been manufactured. This detectors have been delivered for different applications like particle physics, and others, were different ranges of energy have to be detected, different configurations are needed and several detection materials have to be employed (organic scintillator – solid and liquid - etc.)

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