Scientifica offers also a bundle of services in order to give complete solutions to our clients needs. It has two principal service lines:
Outsourcing services for product development and manufacturing: willing to attend the eventual needs of resources or specific industrial knowledge that scientific laboratories may have in certain periods, like in new big instrument developments, upgrade operations, short on long series of device production, etc. Scientifica works closely with the partner/client laboratory under its specifications, contributing with its knowledge and resources to complement those of the laboratory. These services are specially indicated, and have been successfully carried out in the past, in cases of:

  • Detector manufacturing: Scientifica can develop and manufacture different type of detectors under the laboratories’ specification. Successful experiences has been achieved so for in neutron detector manufacturing, using different technologies that are actually in the market, like solid scintillator based detectors, liquid scintillator based detectors, gas detectors, etc. But also in the manufacturing of other type of detectors, like calorimeters, etc.
  • Instrument developments or upgrades: Scientifica can support the laboratories and scientific institutions in the construction of complete new instruments and/or devices, contributing with it’s knowledge in structural and functional materials, that may include rad hard composite materials, neutron absorbent materials, and others. Scientifca has already participated in partnership with its mother company AVS, in turn key projects for construction of complete instruments.
  • Other devices or equipment manufacturing, that may need precision manufacturing, assembly, integration and programming operations.

Product support services: willing to enable a satisfactory user experience during the installation and operation of our equipment we deliver. They include services for installation, commissioning, maintenance and support of our equipment.
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