Scientifica's knowledge base & industrial capabilities extend to 4 main core technologies

Electronics: Knowledge in electronic design and industrial electronic technologies enables Scientifica to design and manufacture devices to be integrated in its products, or give specific solutions to its clients.

Signal processing and control: Scientifica has a deep knowledge in signal processing and system’s control, been able to measure, analyze, process and control the complex signals that appear in scientific applications. Thus it can give solutions in a wide range of applications in science, like neutron detectors, or other applications with complex signal’s analysis.

Composite materials: Scientifica posses very strong knowledge in composite materials. It’s able to deliver all along the whole value chain of composite materials part’s manufacture. From the desing and calculus, to the manufacturing process engineering and the manufacturing itself. This enables the development and manufacturing of custom structural and functional materials to meet the very different and demanding applications of the science market.

Precision mechanics: Scientifica also provides precision mechanic systems for the scientific market. It contributes with its knowledge in precision motion control, integration and industrialization, to the knowledge in mechanical engineering of its mother company AVS, and its other industrial partners to deliver high precision and complex motion control solutions. Turn key and off the shelf solutions are available depending the clients’ needs.

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